Moredragons Scuba Supplies was formed to provide scuba divers with the services and supplies needed to dive safely in the Yukon.

Looking to dive? Need a tank rental? Fill? We have you covered.

Heading outside to do some diving or looking to upgrade some gear. Check out the webstore. We can also special order too!

Looking to learn to dive? Need a refresher course? Contact Yukon Scuba.

We have over 20 tanks in the rental fleet. The current price is $15.00/tank. You may fill out the form on this page to contact us by e-mail to rent or fill scuba tanks.

We also provide onsite fills for remote locations or special cases and are able to rebuild and refill Avalanche Float Cylinders and HPA Paintball Cylinders.

If you are looking to Dive in Yukon, I encourage you to visit the Midnight Sun Dive Club Facebook page and someone will gladly go diving. We can also arrange private charters if you have a group. Just email us.



Virginia Labelle @ Yukon Scuba has scuba training all Fall and winter long.

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